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Appendix: Summer 2017 Multi-Arts Collectives

Two projects were chosen by the committee for the summer of 2016, Windswept and Experimental Classroom. 

Over the course of eight weeks, 5 students from different majors worked with each other, their faculty mentors, and two artists-in-residence  to answer questions, collect data, and make plans to produce their research into projects that could be shared with the campus community in the fall.

Professor Lisa Brawley served as faculty mentor to both projects, guest artist Courtney Starret and Susan Reiser (Appendix) were visiting mentors. 

Each week of the prorgam consisted of a critique for all participants (including the guest artists and their project), open studio hours, and individual meetings. In addition, the group took a field trip to the AutoDesk Build Space (more below) to see the large-scale industrial maker space and meet with their Education Direcor, Akshay LAST NAME. 

Both student projects presented their work alongside the guest artist installation (Intersections) to create a show in Vassar's Palmer Gallery called "Remix XXX"


Students: Jake Brody, Noah Trueblood
Faculty Mentor: Lisa Brawley

The goal of Windswept is to explore the experience of the touch of wind. When thinking of ideas for a project, we were drawn to the unique phenomenon of the feeling of the touch of wind. In order to create a project that recreates the experience of the touch of wind, we want to simulate the interactions that occur between wind and nature.
Experimental Classroom
Students: Charlotte Foley, Antoine Robinson, Audrey Keefe
Faculty Mentor: Lisa Brawley
The Experimental Classroom is a project in 3 parts that puts classroom architecture in conversation with liberatory pedagogy and interrogating norms via physical interventions on classroom spaces. 
<br></br> Early in the program, each project presented goals to the whole group. 
On June 13, 2017 all five students, digital librarian and project consultant, Amy Laughline, and the Interdisciplary Arts Coordinator met guest artists Starret and Reiser at the Autodesk Build Space in Boston. After a tour of the facilty, students met with Education Director, Akshay Sharma to discuss their projects. 
On the last day of the program, all projects presented the results of their research and plans for the Palmer Gallery to peers and guests. 
All projects were presented in the Palmer Gallery as a collaborative instalation called, "Remix: Interdiscipinary Exploration" September 12-17, 2017