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Script: Franco is Still Dead

May 3

SPECERE LAB (interdisciplinary artist Ann Burke Daly and musician and writer Álvaro Marcos) are bringing Script: Franco is Still Dead, a multi-channel sound and video installation, to Vassar College for one evening. The installation will be on display in the Aula of Ely Hall, on Wednesday, May 3, 8:00-9:30pm.

The installation uses sound and video projection integrated with the architecture of the space. It includes political speeches, archival film and music, with their original sound, video, and writing for the piece. The scenes of Script: Franco is Still Dead look at the silent presence of a repressed past in contemporary Spain. The project seeks to contribute to the ongoing questioning of the hegemonic mythical narrative of the exemplariness of the Spanish transitional process from dictatorship to democracy after Francisco Franco’s death in 1975. By reflecting on its silences, shadows and distracting noises and by making visible what has remained buried but continues to haunt Spain today—such as mass graves and unmarked former torture centers—the work intends to create what French historian Pierre Nora called “places of memory.” The project also raises questions about the relationships between memory, history, power, justice, and identity, as well as about the ways individual, collective and national narratives are built and can be potentially re-signified.