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Connecting Voices

February 2

Old Bookstore, College Center
New York artist Ann Daly will discuss her ongoing collaboration with Spanish musician Álvaro Marcos. Marcos has been instrumental in connecting Daly with Spain and Madrid's political landscape and independent music scene after the 15M-Indignados social movement of 2011 (similar to Occupy), which triggered an ongoing political and cultural shift that both echoes and problematizes the one following Dictator Franco's death in 1975. Daly has been exploring the unrest of the transition to Democracy from Fascism in 1978 and the urban youth movement of La Movida, through filming conversations with Spanish friends who came of age during the late 70s. The pair will be speaking about the nature of their creative collaboration and the many successes and challenges that come from solidarity building with strangers. This talk will be moderated by Professor of Music Justin Patch and Professor of Political Science Katherine Hite, who is collaborating with the artistic duo in her upcoming seminar, “The Politics of Memory.” 
Afterwards, workshop members will be invited to find their own collaborative partners for the semester to think about solidarity and collaboration at Vassar. Thinking to campus, community, national, and transnational conflict and movements–we hope this evening will provide insight on how creative activism can look at Vassar.