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What is CAAD?

Creative Arts Across Disciplines (CAAD) is a new initiative at Vassar College funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with the following primary goals:

  • to foster opportunities for boundary-crossing artistic discovery and creation
  • to broaden collaboration within the arts, as well as between the arts and other disciplines
  • to enhance the impact and curricular tie-ins of visiting artist programs
  • to deepen the engagement of Vassar students across the curriculum with methods and ideas from the arts

CAAD is an experimental laboratory for trying out new models of research, pedagogy, and practice, that foreground critical making and doing as complementary activities to critical thinking. CAAD programming is loosely organized around the senses, with 2014-15’s theme of “Vision,” 2015-16’s theme of “Sound,” and 2016-17’s theme of “Touch.”

CAAD Steering Committee

Jonathan Chenette, Dean of the Faculty (Music)
Thomas Porcello, Associate DoSPAR (Anthropology, Media Studies)
Tom Pacio, Interdisciplinary Arts Coordinator, CAAD

Gwen Broude, Cognitive Science
Heesok Chang, English and Media Studies
Gabrielle Cody, Drama
Hiromi Dollase, Chinese and Japanese
Tom Ellman, Computer Science and Media Studies
Maria Hantzopoulos, Education, Urban Studies, Women’s Studies
Christine Howlett, Music
Miriam Mahdaviani, Dance
Mia Mask, Film
Molly McGlennen, English, American Studies
Elizabeth Nogrady, FLLAC Mellon Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Nancy Pokrywka, Biology
Alexander Raz ’16
Cindy Schwarz, Physics
Amanda Thornton, Director of Grants Administration

CAAD Executive Committee

Jonathan Chenette
Thomas Porcello
Tom Pacio
Heesok Chang
Gabrielle Cody
Joanna DiPasquale
Teresa Garrett
Christine Howlett
Molly McGlennen
Elizabeth Nogrady
Kayla Schwab ’17
Amanda Thornton